Happy New Year!

After a long hiatus and reestablishing ourselves in Sydney Australia (yes, my hubby got a fabulous job opportunity here to launch a special project, so we sold our house, car and moved here in August),  I’m starting to blog again…

To celebrate the beginning of the new year, and support you in your new year’s resolution, I am making my Kitchen Wizard Flexipes e-book for F-R-E-E on Amazon for a couple of days soon.  So keep your eyes out!

It’s an e-version of my paperback book ($19.95), normally sold for $4.97. It’s beautifully formatted for your computer, tablet, smart phone, any device for that matter, including Kindle.  Now you can bring my Kitchen Wizard Flexipes, literally at your finger tips, anywhere you want to be. It’s the very strategy I used to save $9000/year from food/dining cost, and brought my weight back to ideal level.  It’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make.

If you don’t want to miss this opportunity, Like Kitchen Wizard Facebook page, right away.  The schedule will be posted there.  Feel free to share with your friends too.

Here’s to your happy and healthy 2013!